At the Texas Roadhouse. Bring me the beef, and thanks for the good service!

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Because I needed to burn some time before the Eagles concert I’m attending tonight, I was able to talk my wife into a treat – the Texas Roadhouse!

And what they do well here is beef.

Yes, it’s a chain. But, if I’m in Sioux Falls, I know it’s a particularly well run chain. The service has always been good, and I have never, ever been disappointed in the food.

And tonight is no exception.

Starting off with a Cesar’s salad, unlike many South Dakota steak houses, it’s freshly tossed, not stacked up in a refrigerator until needed:


We started the meal with a basket of bread, and basket 2 is on the way, as we await the main event.

I’m taking on the 12oz New York Strip,

while my wife has the 12oz ribeye.

She prefers a Medium Rare (warm red center) while I like mine a straight medium (hot pink center).  The best part about eating here is they actually know what that means.

The waitress was attentive, and the manager made a stop to see if we were happy with everything. Service is not spared, and with a bill of $47.00 for two of us, it didn’t break the bank, either.

I can’t walk out of a sushi restaurant for less than $60 -75 for two of us, so a steak dinner at this price, with good food and excellent service is marked down as a culinary win for a night out in Sioux Falls.

Now it’s on to the concert!

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