A Review: Legion Lake Lodge Restaurant

June 1, 2015 Restaurant Reviews  No comments

legion-lake-lodge-logoBy Todd Epp

Saturday night, a large group of us ate at the Legion Lake Lodge restaurant in Custer State Park. Here’s my review.

Ambiance: A

It’s the Black Hills, for goodness sake! Rustic but clean, on the shores of Legion Lake.

Service: A

With over 20 people in our group, we put the waitstaff through their paces, particularly when about 2/3 were teenage boys. The staff was courteous, prompt and good natured.

Main Course: C+

Most of the main dishes are simple and typical South Dakota cafe food: Hot beef or hot turkey sandwiches hamburgers, fried trout, etc. I had the chicken fried buffalo steak, mashed potatoes and gravy and cooked, sliced carrots.

I like bison and I also know it can be tougher than beef. But my bison steak was very tough though tasty. The mashed potatoes and gravy were adequate, the sliced carrots were fine. Some at the table wanted more gravy on their hot turkey or chicken fried buffalo steak. I thought it was a proper amount.

Dessert: B+

The Legion Lake Lodge had a decent selection of what appeared to be home baked or at least non-commercial baked pies. These included rhubarb/strawberry, cherry, apple and perhaps a couple others. My apple pie ala mode was outstanding.

Price: C-

For my main entree, dessert and a soft drink, it was nearly $25.00. I realize it’s the Black Hills during vacation season. But for that amount, I could have had the same amount of food or more at Spezia’s or Minerva’s in Sioux Falls, two of the city’s best restaurants. Perhaps tourists from “the big city” won’t balk at those prices but I thought it was very high, particularly if I were on vacation with my family and was watching my budget.

Overall Grade: B

The great location and service (and dessert!) are this restaurant’s strong suits. The food was fine but not a good value at the price.

BOTTOM LINE: Would I Eat There Again?

Yes, but I’ll try not to have sticker shock at the prices.


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