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Happy New Year! Cheese plates and egg rolls on deck at my house.

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Irish Cheddar, Wensleydale, and Blue Cheese Last night, my wife put together this decadent cheese plate for New Year’s Eve – Irish White Cheddar Cheese, Strawberry and Champagne Wensleydale Cheese, and a nice Blue Cheese from Iowa. I suspect it was simply for the opportunity to use her hand wrought mouse cheese knife purchased in a food store in Salt Lake city a few years back, but I’m not complaining.

It was simple, yet unbelievably rich in flavor. In fact, if you didn’t have any grapes or other food to cut it with, you ended up stopping after about 4-5 servings. All of the cheeses were incredibly rich in comparison to the many pedestrian flavors of cheese we use on a daily basis from mass produced factories.

We hadn’t had the Irish Cheddar before, nor the Wensleydale, but for us, blue cheese is an old friend...

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