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It’s time for an infusion. An infusion of flavor!

July 1, 2015 Potent Potables  4 comments

I don’t think I’ve ever noted my fascination with infusions over at my home web site at, as it’s not really the thing one often has a chance to bring up.

Years ago, I discovered a Chinese food cookbook called “The China Moon Cookbook” from the restaurant of the same name. As part of cooking with the cookbook, you have to prepare a number of spice blends from hand, as well as a number of specialized oils which you infuse with various flavors. Ever since I’ve thought it fun from time to time to create concoctions such as chili oil, and garlic infused oil for use in cooking.

infusedSeveral weeks back when wandering through World Market in Sioux Falls, I came across a book recommending a different type of infusion (Infused)  – Specifically, an infusion with liquor as the base ins...

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