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Life Is a Beach–And a Mexican Beer

June 11, 2015 Beer  2 comments

hard rock heaven

I love Mexican beers.

I know, Mexico is known for many things—enchiladas, burritos, great beaches and ancient cultures—but not so much for beer. And I realize that some beer snobs think Mexican beer is literally and figuratively pale.

Maybe it is because of the warm climate, the more laid back attitude and availability of limes, but lighter beers are exactly perfect for Mexico.

Many of you have drunk Corona, which seems to be the most popular Mexican beer in the United States. And again, the snobs tell you it isn’t even the best Mexican beer. And that may be true. But what is true about Corona—and Tecate, Sol and Dos Equus–is that they light, sparkling and refreshing.

When it is hot and you’re in the sun (or under a cabana on the beach near the ocean), do you want some bitter IPA o...

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