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A Review: Legion Lake Lodge Restaurant

June 1, 2015 Restaurant Reviews  No comments

legion-lake-lodge-logoBy Todd Epp

Saturday night, a large group of us ate at the Legion Lake Lodge restaurant in Custer State Park. Here’s my review.

Ambiance: A

It’s the Black Hills, for goodness sake! Rustic but clean, on the shores of Legion Lake.

Service: A

With over 20 people in our group, we put the waitstaff through their paces, particularly when about 2/3 were teenage boys. The staff was courteous, prompt and good natured.

Main Course: C+

Most of the main dishes are simple and typical South Dakota cafe food: Hot beef or hot turkey sandwiches hamburgers, fried trout, etc. I had the chicken fried buffalo steak, mashed potatoes and gravy and cooked, sliced carrots.

I like bison and I also know it can be tougher than beef. But my bison steak was very tough though tasty...

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