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Five Uniquely South Dakota Foods: Do You Know of More?

May 27, 2015 South Dakota Cuisine  2 comments

Photo by George Hodan at

Photo by George Hodan at

By Todd Epp

Is there a uniquely South Dakota cuisine?

I’m not sure there is, but here are five items that I think are uniquely South Dakotan, or at least Upper Midwestern. I’ve only seen them in this region or if I’ve been somewhere else and asked for them, gotten only blank stares. See Tomato Beer.

  1. Tomato Beer—Beer purists don’t think you should put anything in beer. Fruiting the beer can have your man card rescinded in some places. But I’ve only seen tomato beer in South Dakota. Take a cheap beer, add tomato juice and if you’re fancy, green olives, and you have what I consider a nectar of the gods. Just don’t expect most bartenders outside of South Dakota to know what it is or to make it for you.
  2. Indian Fry Bread—...
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