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Cooking Out on a Rainy Memorial Day Weekend?

May 24, 2015 BBQ, Grilling, and Smoking meatOutdoor Cooking  No comments

Illustration by Iamnee at

Illustration by Iamnee at

By Todd Epp

Memorial Day Weekend is the “unofficial” start to summer in South Dakota. The kids are out of school, RVs and pop-up campers get their first workouts of the year and then there’s backyard and campground barbecuing.

So, when it’s a rainy weekend like it is this weekend across the Dakotas, what do you do? Do you don a raincoat and BBQ in the rain? Cook indoors? Wait for the weather to clear? Go out to eat?

I braved the on-again-off again rain today in Harrisburg and tended burgers, brats and hotdogs in a misty rain. Cooked meat waits for no one at the Epp household!

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